Many business who understand the relevance in social media today are using LinkedIn to improve their relationships within the social media arena. But are you using LinkedIn to improve your page rank?

Here are some simple tips to help you improve your page rank with LinkedIn

Firstly you need to list your websites within your profile and preferably link to  your  LinkedIn profile within your websites, this will allow Google to understand the relationship better and send tells Google that you are accountable.
using linkedIn to improve your page rank

The second thing to be aware of is that you can use anchor text here, not many businesses do this simply because the drop down box only offers options of My Website, My Company, My Blog, My RSS or My Portfolio.

But there is one option that is often overlooked and it is “other”. By simply selecting other you can use your preferred anchor text to tell Google what your site is about and it doesn’t hurt having another back link from a PR2+ site.

The third and absolutely crucial factor is to make sure your profile is set to “public” without this your PR will be restricted as you are telling Google here I am but don’t let anyone contact me.Simply go into “settings” click on “public profile” and click on “full view recommended” this will make sure everyone can see your pretty picture :)

Next you need to recommend people and ask them to recommend you, the more recommendation you have and the bigger your network the more PR your LinkedIn profile will get and that will flow on to your web pages.

The last one is update your status frequently, don’t just say “I’m working on this” and forget about it for a year… and yes I am guilty of doing this but its really important that Google has to refresh it’s cache of your page from time to time.

So you can see it’s really easy to do just a few things to improve your Page rank with LinkedIn.

Wishing you ultimate success!